Equipment in the Blakemore Lab

VAC Atmospheres Glove Box (Baker)
cold well for low-temperature work
–35°C refrigerator
electrochemical connectivity

VAC Atmospheres Glove Box (Hartnell)
electrochemical connectivity
–35°C refrigerator
fiber-optic connections for electronic spectroscopy

Shimadzu GC-2014
quantitative gas detection with custom column configuration
thermal conductivity detector
dual flame-ionization detectors

Gamry Reference 600+
high compliance for work in organic solvents
Ocean Optics Flame Spectrometer
routine spectral window 290–1000 nm

Custom Schlenk Manifolds and Glassware
typical vacuum: ca. 1 mTorr
connectivity for gas-intensive work

Gamry eQCM 10M
real-time mass readout during electrochemistry
typical resolution: ± 5 ng

PPT Solvent Purification System
for drying and dispensing organic solvents
hexane, toluene, ether, DCM, THF, DMF, MeCN

Gamry Reference 3000
extra high compliance for catalytic applications
interfaced with new reactor technology at CEBC

Shared Equipment and Core Facilities at KU

KU X-Ray Crystallography Lab
expert advice and service crystallography provided by Dr. Victor Day

NMR and EPR Facilities

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy at KU
Physical Electronics VersaProbe II instrument
instrumentation managed by the KU MAI Core Lab
data analysis with CasaXPS software

KU Mass Spectrometry Core Facilities


Kansas State Scientific Glassblowing Laboratory
Jim Hodgson, Senior Scientific Glassblower
custom glassware and invaluable advice

Yale University Scientific Glassblowing Laboratory

custom graphic design for presentations and publications

Recent News

26–30 June 2022 – James and Riddhi attend the 29th Rare Earth Research Conference (RERC29) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. James delivered an invited talk on the first morning of the meeting on the topic of "Redox Tuning of Tripodal Cerium Complexes with Secondary Metal Cations," and Riddhi was awarded a Best Poster Prize for her work on "Electrochemical Activation of the Uranyl Ion." Thanks to Prof. Eric Schelter and Dr. Marta Guron (U. Penn) for organizing such a great meeting—a truly inspirational experience!

6 June 2022 – An exciting summer of research is underway in the Blakemore Group–our seventh here at KU! Welcome to our newest group members: Fynn Cooper, an incoming graduate student; Cecilia Paranjothi, a rising sophomore at KU;  and Natalie Lind, a visiting summer REU student from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. Let the fun begin!

6 May 2022 – Emma Cosner has been named the recipient of the Class of 1913 Award. This prize, which is one of the prestigious University Awards, is granted annually to two graduating students “who, by their evidenced intelligence, devotion to their studies, and personal character, give promise of such usefulness to society.” The central criterion for this award is a stellar academic record, making Emma a very deserving recipient. Emma has been conducting research in our group for over three years, and has been co-mentored throughout that time by Dr. Julie Leseberg. Congratulations, Emma!

Funding Sources

Our work is supported by the US Department of Energy, US National Science Foundation, the Chevron Phillips Chemical, Lam Research Corp., and the Spring Creek Fund.