Welcome to the home page of the Blakemore Group! We are a research group in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Kansas.

Our aim is to improve the sustainable production of chemicals, fuels, and energy using the tools of inorganic and organometallic chemistry, molecular electrochemistry, and surface chemistry. Our active projects are diverse in scope and span a number of topics:

Molecular catalysis and metal-ligand cooperation. We are investigating the reactivity and catalytic properties of half-sandwich metal complexes, and are specifically focused on understanding the interconversion of [Cp*] and [Cp*H] ligands as a route to development of new catalysts.

Coordination chemistry of multimetallic complexes. We are synthesizing and characterizing heterobimetallic complexes, in order to understand their properties and rationally design improved complexes for new applications. Our specific focus is on understanding how two closely spaced metals impact each others' properties.

Structure-function studies of chemically modified electrodes. We are studying the immobilization of metal complexes on electrodes in order to understand the role of molecular structure in their behavior and stability. Our goal is to rationally design systems for applications in areas like separations science.

New media for carbon dioxide conversion. In collaboration with Profs. Kevin Leonard and Bala Subramaniam at the KU Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis, we are developing new media for carbon dioxide conversion to more useful chemicals.

Photoinduced reactivity. In collaboration with Prof. Chris Elles, our group is designing new metal complexes for studies of light-induced reactivity, in order to build up a platform of compounds for use in photodynamic therapy.

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We need the kind of courage that can withstand the subtle corruption of the cynics, so that 
we can show the world that we are not afraid of the future.
It has always been easy to hate and destroy, but to build and to cherish is [the real challenge].
–Elizabeth R.


Recent News

19 May 2019 – Congratulations to our extraordinary group of Spring 2019 graduates, Emily Boyd, Will Moore, Shaun Kelsey, and Katie Johnson, who were granted their degrees today at the 147th KU Commencement Ceremony! Congrats again, team!

9 May 2019 – Congratulations to Emily Boyd, who will be honored at Commencement as recipient of a "Class of 1913 Award." Emily is graduating with her B.S. in Chemistry this year, and has carried out research in our group for three years. The "Class of 1913 Award" is one of the prestigious University Awards at KU; these are given to twelve top students in each graduating class. Way to go, Emily!

9 April 2019 – Congratulations to our undergraduate researchers Emily Boyd and Shaun Kelsey, who have been named recipients of US NSF Graduate Research Fellowships! The NSF GRF is among the most prestigious fellowships in the US, and provides full support for three years of graduate study. Way to go!

25 March 2019 – Jonah Stiel has been named a Beckman Scholar at KU! This program, funded by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation, will provide support to Jonah for two years of intensive undergraduate research in our group. Jonah is currently working to prepare new catalysts for carbon dioxide conversion with his co-mentor Wade Henke (G2). Congratulations, Jonah!

Funding Sources

Our work is supported by the US Department of Energy, US National Science Foundation, KU Hall Chemical Research Fund, and the Spring Creek Fund