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      *** Highlighted in Chemical and Engineering News on 13-June-2016:
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      *** Our work was featured in a commentary by Tom Meyer of UNC Chapel Hill.  See:
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Recent News

27 April 2018 – Congratulations to our postdoc Dr. Davide Lionetti who has been named the recipient of a 2018 Sustainability Leadership Award at KU. Davide was recognized for his outstanding scholarship that is contributing to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and his mentoring of students in lab techniques, presentation skills, and understanding of chemistry. Congratulations on this most deserved honor, Davide!

18 April 2018 – James presents a public outreach talk on "Artificial Photosynthesis" at Free State Brewery as part of their "Science On Tap" series. A lively crowd full of chemists and non-chemists alike was there to enjoy some sustainability science in an informal setting. Thanks to Jen Humphrey for the opportunity to present in this exciting forum!

28 March 2018 – James serves as a discussion panelist during the symposium "Big Botany" at the KU Spencer Museum of Art. The symposium, timed with the opening of the Big Botany art exhibition and featured by the Washington Post, was themed on the critical role plants play on earth. James spoke about our group's work in artificial photosynthesis, inspired by plants. Other panelists included artists Ackroyd and Harvey (based in the UK) and Rohini Devasher (based in Delhi, India). Thanks to Senior Curator Steve Goddard for the invitation to join this important dialogue!

Funding Sources

Our work is supported by the US National Science Foundation and the University of Kansas: